From Later is comprised of experienced futures researchers with backgrounds ranging from arts and engineering to law and economics.

Interdependent worlds require interdisciplinary teams. We’re always looking for partners, collaborators, and new challenges. If you’re interested in joining our team, email us at:

Robert Bolton

Robert Bolton is an artist, strategist, and principal at the foresight studio, From Later. His work introduces new ways of understanding and imagining how emerging ideas, technologies and cultural phenomena may influence longer-term futures.

Udit Vira

Udit Vira is an electrical engineer and foresight strategist at Toronto-based studio, From Later. He incorporates practices from engineering, design, and art to research the perils and possibilities introduced by technological change.

Valdis Silins

Valdis Silins is an interdisciplinary researcher, strategist, and writer working on the futures of resilience and collaboration. Recent work has appeared in publications like Logic Magazine, MISC, and Scenario Magazine from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.

Macy Siu

Macy Siu is an artist and foresight strategist driven by expression and empowerment tied to the hyphen of in-between spaces. She has a background in fine arts, and advocates for artists rights as a board member of CARFAC Ontario. Macy is also a licensed IP lawyer with policy research experience in the federal government.

Jeremy Glenn

Jeremy Glenn is an artist, real estate consultant, creative producer, and foresight analyst working at studio, From Later. Jeremy is focused on cultivating connection through content creation. He is passionate about the future of child care, media and real estate.

Jac Sanscartier

Jac Sanscartier has worked across sectors, assessing change and its influence on how we work, service others, and live our lives. Jac is currently researching the global transition toward sustainability, and its revision to ways of thinking within industries.

Alyssa Alikpala

Alyssa Alikpala is an artist, designer, researcher and operations lead at From Later. Her work — across sound, sculpture, installation, and ephemeral forms —explores the sensorial body and its relation to material and environment.

Asia Clarke

Asia Clarke is an international development professional and strategist who is passionate about re-envisioning marginalised futures. Asia has facilitated entrepreneurial development and economic empowerment in Canada, Dominica, Trinidad, Eswatini and Ghana.