Organizations partner with From Later when they’re looking to understand how their role in the world is changing.

Our work takes many forms depending on the situation. We’ve produced research reports, workshops, playbooks, toolkits, field guides, scenarios, public art installations, podcasts, and prototypes. We offer training in futures thinking, strategic foresight, and speculative design. And we provide strategic counsel to a variety of partners including global companies, SMEs, startups, VCs, co-operatives, arts organisations, NGOs, and governmental bodies.  

Our partners trust us to break down complexity, prioritize what’s important, identify high-value opportunities, and frame clear choices, so they can make better bets.

Timeline of projects →

June, 2023
Business model explorations
Neuroscience startup
Austin, TX

May, 2023
Brand positioning
AI startup
Aix-en-Provence, France

April, 2023
How The Web is Changing
A short on digital strategy
[ Media ]

April, 2023
Digital Experimentation
Reflections on research-creation methods
[ Case Study ]

March, 2023
Speculative photo-narrative
[ Views ]

January, 2023
Value Proposition & Digital Strategy

December, 2022
ESG & Sustainability in Media
Sensemaking study
San Francisco CA, USA

November, 2022
Trust, Power, Economy, AI, and You
Talk & panel
AI Impact Alliance

November, 2022
Strategic Foresight Training II
Toronto / London / San Francisco

October, 2022
A Polycrisis Era
Macro futures study
San Francisco CA, USA

September, 2022
VERN 2040
Critical Futures Film Concept
Wildmoon x From Later

September, 2022
Experiments in Public Time & Collective Memories
Talks & panels
PRIMER22 Conference

August, 2022
Earth Interfacing
[ Residency] From Later

August 2022
Project Hollywood
A foresight study
Los Angeles CA, USA

July 2022
Distributed Media Disruptions
Sensemaking study
San Francisco CA, USA

June 2022
Restructuring Futures
Thematic prototyping areas
UKAI Projects

June 2022
Future of Digital Cultural Spaces
Nia Centre for the Arts x Manifesto x A Different Book List

May 2022
Memory Work Mural
Contact Photography Festival

April 2022
Futures Forests; Planetary Poetics
[ Residency ] From Later

March 2022
Developments in Spirits Beverages
Dublin, IE

February 2022
Foresight Curriculum Development
Toronto ON

January 2022
Future User Stories
Storyboarding critical technologies
San Francisco CA, USA

December 2021
Strategic Foresight Training
Toronto / London / San Francisco

November, 2021
Flower Clock
Speculative short fiction on craft, micro-communities, and biomass

October 2021
Forces of Change
Executive-level study
San Francisco CA, USA

September 2021
Foresight for UX
Toronto ON

July, 2021
Desire Paths
Podcast series
Luminato Festival
[ Audio ]

July, 2021
Futures of Democratized 3D
Research and futures perspectives
Montréal QC, Canada

June, 2021
Directions to Nowhere in Particular
Prompts for sensing, making, and navigating public space

May, 2021
This Woman’s Work
ATM x Myseum Intersections
[ Exhibit ]

April, 2021
Work/Place Futures
Report and speculative podcast series

April, 2021
Restore the Core
Canadian Urban Institute

March, 2021
Soundscape and panel discussion
Adidas x Slow Factory Foundation

February, 2021
Digital and/as Public Space
Digital Facilitator, The Bentway
[ 101 ]

February, 2021
Toolkit for Generous Listening
The Vuslat Foundation x Sonder Collective
Istanbul, Turkey

January, 2021
Envisioning the Next Decade
Narrative strategy
Autodesk Foundation
San Francisco CA, USA

December, 2020
Futures of Global Flows
Scenarios on globalization
Toronto ON
[ Views ]

December, 2020
Strategic Blueprint 2025
Campari x Angry Butterfly
Toronto ON

November, 2020
Speculative Brands in Biology
SynBioBeta Conference

September, 2020
Memory Work
Immersive soundscape scenario

August, 2020
Futures of Home and Mobility
Four scenarios
RBC Ventures
Toronto ON

July, 2020
Strategies Towards Digital Transformation
Digital Maturity Report
Toronto ON

June, 2020
Futures of Connection and Transformation
Foresight scan
Vancouver BC, Canada

May, 2020
Lexicon on plant and machine intelligence
[ Views ]

March – May 2020
All Relevant Change
Building futures amidst COVID-19

March – September 2020
Building Futures in Times of Crisis
Remote lectures and workshops
MaRS; Conference Board of Canada

February, 2020
Residency / Incubator
Autodesk Technology Centre
Toronto ON

November - December, 2019
The Changing Landscape of Media Consumption
Perspectives for growth
Toronto ON

November, 2019
Ongoing microscenarios

[ Views ]

November, 2019
Futures of Sleep
A foresight study
Toronto ON

November, 2019
Futures of Film & Media
A foresight study
Toronto ON & Halifax NS, Canada

September - October, 2019
Virtualized Production
Perspectives for growth
San Francisco CA, USA

August, 2019
AI in the Enterprise
A foresight study
Toronto ON

June - July, 2019
Futures of Media and Entertainment
San Francisco CA, USA

June, 2019
Futures of Sensorial Experience
Pernod Ricard
Mexico City, Mexico

June, 2019
AI in the Home
Series of futures scenarios
Element AI
Toronto ON, Canada

May - June, 2019
Futures of Physical Retail
Brand Foresight + Experience Design
Future Food Studio
Auckland, New Zealand; Sydney, Australia; Shanghai, PRC

April 2019
Doing Business in 2030: AI & Sustainability
Immersive audio scenarios
H&M Changemakers Lab
Postbahnhof, Berlin, Germany

April 2019
Speculative Songbook
Speculative Futures: Berlin
Berlin, Germany

January - May, 2019
The Future of Business (MG 320)
CityLAB: Berlin of Norwich University
Berlin, Germany

March, 2019
“All of You” featuring Zaki Ibrahim
[ Recordings ]

February, 2019
Preparing to create healthy workplaces of the future
Foresight workshop
The Conference Board of Canada
Toronto ON

November - December, 2018
The Evolving Wellness Landscape
A foresight study
Toronto ON, Canada

October, 2018
Compersia – a song from later
Toronto ON, Canada

October, 2018
CPG Futures
A foresight study
Toronto ON, Canada

September 2018
Designing for a polyamorous future
Scenario notes & workshop
SXSW x Mercedes Benz — ME Convention
Stockholm, Sweden

August, 2018
Scales of the universe
Exhibition narrative & science communication
WNDR museum, Chicago IL, USA

July, 2018
Interval – Prototype Validation
Lunares simulated space base and research laboratory
Build notes
Piła, Poland

July 2018
From Lab to Studio – futures of Biology as a creative discipline
Exhibition, New Harvest conference on cellular agriculture
MIT Media Lab, Cambridge MA, USA

May – June, 2018
[ Residency ] from later
8-week program at the intersection of art and strategy
Free Space
Toronto ON

May 2018
Performance of speculative song, “Lonely Arcade”
North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress
McMaster University, Hamilton ON, Canada

March, 2018
Strategic Foresight for SMEs and Startups
Article series
MaRS Library

February - March, 2018
Perspectives on Consumer Banking
A foresight study
Toronto ON, Canada

January, 2018
“Lonely Arcade” featuring élah
[ Recordings ]