All of You

"All of You" is № 02 in a series of songs from later — songs written as though created in a further future environment. The speculative songs are intended to provoke critical dialogue about where we are headed. Scroll down to learn more about the future scenario and the signals of change that informed it.


All of You


From Later


Zaki Ibrahim


Z. Ibrahim, A. Johnson, W. Johnson, R. Bolton, M. Siu


Research-based, speculative songs


Compersia is a mass-polyamory scenario characterized by multi-layered complex structures of transient kinship. Communication and ethics innovations empower people to negotiate quality relationships where partners find joy in their partners’ joy.


M. Siu, R. Bolton, U. Vira, A. Alikpala


N. Rahbar




“All of You” is a love song written from the perspective of a lover in the near-future scenario, Compersia, where polyamorous relationships are as common and accepted as monogamous ones.

It tells the story of lovers looking to transition from an open relationship to something more structured – a four-person polycule, one that they will design specially to satisfy their collective needs.

In Compersia, new communication and ethics innovations empower people to design quality relationships based on the principle of compersion, where partners find joy in their partners’ joy (intimately loving another person).

art by Naz Rahbar


Dear Lov,

I love all of you.

Since Vulnerable Summer morphed our love, we felt free. Remember:

“Open since: twenty, twenty three.”

You looked at her the way you looked at me.

I looked at you the way I look at all of you.

And we formed –

one polycule.

We made such a beautiful design.

Close your eyes and breathe in.

Take an enormous leap of faith.

Formalizing our freedom,

shaping and reshaping day by day.

Making our own rules:

Sacred in our intention.

Faith in the intuition.

Our love. All of you.

Some things we may have to choose

to shape the polycule,

let go of a part of you.

Sacred in our intention.

Faith in the intuition.

Our love. All of you.

Where you get Joy there lies my Joy.

One cannot live up to

all that we constitute.

New, sure, and sacred. Faith in

our love.

If ever you feel, one day,

insecure in anyway –

know that we’re safe going through it.

Take care to improve how we communicate.

Mediate how we relate.

Harmonize the sum of our ways,

collectively sacred.

Sacred in our intention.

Faith in the intuition:

Our love. All of you.

We’re embracing change




"All of You" was premiered at TEDxToronto on October 26, 2018.